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Our cute slim belt is a true gem of function and style. 2 meters long, it is designed to wrap around clothes at the waist with two turns, guaranteeing a perfect fit. Crafted from soft cotton, its hue pairs perfectly with the season's details, creating an irresistible matchy-matchy effect.

The two fabric bells placed at the ends are a witty and original detail from which it takes its name. Our designs are all original and printed with manual techniques, guaranteeing the highest quality and attention to detail.

Any imperfections are due to the craftsmanship of the production, which underlines its uniqueness and fine craftsmanship.

Color: Umbrella Stripes Plumbago

Hand printed with the block printed technique. Hand wash and machine wash at 30°, taking care to avoid soaking. Iron gently.

To help us have a low environmental impact, we ask you to reduce returns as much as possible by carefully consulting our size chart before proceeding with your order. To receive personalized advice, you can contact us at

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