Dreamed in Milan made in India

Our collection is made up of handmade garments that don't follow the seasons but are inspired by the desire for freedom.

Allspice Tree is a brand born in Milan with the dream of giving shape to suggestions known during long trips around the world. The garments are made with creativity and craftsmanship in small exclusive productions. Each piece is unique and designed to have a long life cycle while respecting the environment and its own value because we believe in sustainable and non-ephemeral fashion.

Our method

Block printing

All the pieces are handmade with natural materials and printed in India, in Jaipur, with the ancient blockprint technique. This handcrafted print gives the fabric a watercolor effect whose sheen and definition are determined by the ambient temperature and humidity. This means that the result is full of imperfections and always unique, never the same.

We collaborate with local communities because we want to preserve craftsmanship because we believe in the sustainability of fashion. And also for this reason our garments are made to last over the years and go through the seasons: continuous models, with precious fabrics, in small limited edition productions that oppose the logic of ephemeral fashion.

Contemporary elegance


Our style is elegant yet contemporary. A comfortable day dress with the right accessories can turn into a precious evening dress because our pieces are designed to be simple, modern and functional. We don't believe in the rigid alternation of the seasons but we let ourselves be carried away by their cyclical return.

As alchemists we like to play and experiment with colors to highlight one's character and style. Each garment in the collection is renewed depending on who wears it, restoring a different energy and light each time.