Cotton organza shirt for a sophisticated retro style. Graceful and feminine, it is a true passepartout for an elegant and informal style thanks to the openwork embroidered details on the collar, on the top of the sleeve and on the front sweetheart line. Its peculiarity is an unexpected closure on the back, enhanced by fabric-covered buttons and a play of pleats also found on the cuffs. Hand-painted in intense teal and cherry colours, it is the ideal combination to enhance the Armor Vest.
Color: Cherry

Lavare a mano o in lavatrice a 30°, avendo sempre cura di evitare l'ammollo. Stirare delicatamente. Composizione: 100% organza di cotone. Eventuali imperfezioni sono dovute alla lavorazione artigianale che garantisce l'unicità di ogni capo.

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