A unisex accessory of Malaysian inspiration, a true passepartout garment that is created to be draped around the waist like a sarong but which easily transforms into an enveloping shawl. Characterized by a contrasting border and intense colours, each piece has original designs printed manually with artisan techniques that guarantee uniqueness and authenticity.

Color: Azulejo Milk

100% Mussola di cotone. Stampato a mano con la tecnica manuale block printing. Eventuali imperfezioni sono dovute all'artigianalità della produzione e ne garantiscono l’unicità. Lavaggio a mano e in lavatrice a 30°, avendo cura di evitare l'ammollo. Stirare delicatamente.

To help us have a low environmental impact, we ask you to reduce returns as much as possible by carefully consulting our size chart before proceeding with your order. To receive personalized advice, you can contact us at

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